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Tips on The Female Handshake

Posted on 16 May 2016

Imagine landing an interview for your dream job. You’ve researched the role and the company and now its time to show off your flawless interview skills. You walk into the conference room, confidently dressed to perfection, holding a leather handbag, and a portfolio. The interviewer extends his/her hand to greet you and you quickly shuffle your bag and portfolio from your right hand to your left hand and you drop your portfolio at the feet of the interviewer. Awkward! You pick up your portfolio and shake your interviewers hand a with a cutesy four finger grip. Yikes! At this point you should just run out of the interview! LOL  

As a corporate professional who has shaken hands with everyone from the CEO of a Fortune 500 firm to the janitor, here are four basic tips to remember when shaking hands in a professional environment.

  1. Look your counterpart directly in his/her eyes.
  2. Confidently extend your hand.
  3. Use a firm grip to shake.
  4. Carry your handbag in your left hand as the right hand is the standard hand to shake with.

As little girls we’re taught to be sweet and soft, however as business women we must be confident, and firm. Our first point of contact with other professionals is typically a handshake, representing ourselves as that confident business woman ready to seal the deal.

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